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May 2023 Monthly Newsletter

That's a wrap, after an 8-week program; 20 adults with unique abilities who attend the Arc of The Glades, experienced empowerment and artistic recognition in a FashionAble Runway.

The event was held at the Civic Center - Main Library and hosted 60 people. What an honor was to have Chris Gilmore from WPBTV covering the event on his day off. Our community moves forward thanks to your support!

Watch the News story below:


As our impact keeps growing, we invite you to attend our Spring-Summer Pop Up an event where Exclusive Fashion meets Inclusive Efforts. Our Sustainable Fashion Designers have been working on their summer collections.

Wear clothes that matter!



Our CEO and Founder Sandra Raffaelli, keeps on raising awareness about the capabilities of adults with disabilities thanks to speaking engagements hosted by Creative Mornings, Lasting Conversations and the Talk of The Palm Beach host Penny Pompey with the Oldies Radio Station.

To learn about aZul's journey from Colombia to West Palm Beach and few serendipity moments click on the link below.


Is your closet over populated????

Donate your clothes to aZul and support economic development of our adults with unique abilities.

Special thanks to our clothing drive partners, for supporting us the past 3 years!



Follow us on social media, we have more events coming up!!!

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