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sustainability & wellness


When adults with disabilities participate in our ArtAbilities program they can learn artistic and eco-friendly techniques with creative applications in art focused sessions. This program allows the Creative to add one more artistic skill to their tool box as a creative outlet and explore personal growth. aZul encourages the Creatives to practice these skills at home, motivating them to create additional income with the artistic products and skills they have developed. 
E.g.: learning to pattern your own fabric, sew your own pillowcase, paint boards using stencils.

Our ArtAbilities programs include:

  • Fabricating Smiles

  • aZul Moves

  • Single or short-term sessions

  • Unique short-term or long-term programs tailored to the abilities of each person and/or the needs of an organization partnering with us (ex: Dressed To A Tree, Self Portrait of the Inner Self)

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