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​We empower adults of all abilities and their caregivers using Fashion, Art and Design on their path to achieve ​artistic recognition, dignity and financial independence.


what we do


aZul - Fashion, Art & Design is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to offering alternative art-focused programs for adults with disabilities (i.e. down syndrome, autism, and other disabilities) and their caregivers/families. Our philosophy focuses on bringing empowering experiences that transform family dynamics, integrate social skills, workforce skills, personal skills, and therapeutic artistic activities for better mental health. ​


We believe that everyone deserves opportunities to develop their artistic strengths, self expression, and to get empowered to start their own brand!  Our programs are divided into 3 key approaches - all flexible and uniquely tailored to each individual or organization, and encourage team collaborations between Creatives (person with disabilities) and Collaborators (caregiver).

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