​We empower adults of all abilities and their caregivers using Fashion, Art and Design on their path to achieve ​artistic recognition, dignity and financial independence.

What is aZul?


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing creative design programs for individuals with disabilities.
​We offer alternative art programs as a post secondary program to adults with disabilities and their caregivers and/or families. ​We believe that everyone deserves opportunities to develop their artistic strengths, self expression, and to get empowered to start their own brand! 

Our programs are flexibly tailored and emphasize teamwork as a Creative (the apprentice) and Collaborator (the caregiver able to continue concepts at home), while providing professional health support, creative training, workforce skills development and interactive activities. We focus on exploring various techniques, re-purposing recycled materials and an awareness for sustainability. ​​At the end, we connect our teams with local venues to ​showcase and market their brand as an artist and business venture.

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​​Our Eco-Friendly Programs

Our Fashion Design oriented programs focus on learning the tools of the trade to design artistic, hand made garments. 

Programs are tailored to the abilities of each person and/or the needs of each organization partnering with us.

Learn more about our signature program,

Follow The Thread and launch your sustainable fashion design brand!

Short Artistic Programs

As a hands on learning experience, participants in our short artistic programs interpret materials

to create artistic pieces using upcycling skills.

In addition, Creatives have access to therapeutic artistic activities to connect with motivation and empowerment.

We encourage practice at home as a creative outlet.

ActiveArt Lunch

Artistic field trips offer an opportunity to explore different art mediums, opening doors for learning opportunities while interacting with the community.

Social interactions and soft skills are some of the challenges that are faced in the real world; by participating in these activities they can build new relationships with local artists while we all foster a diverse community.


The Follow The Thread program is a WONDERFUL class for anyone with a passion for design. As a teen, I discovered my passion through a hobby of mine. From there, I decided I wanted to become a designer. Follow The Thread has allowed me to follow my passion and turn it into a business. Through this, I can do what I love and follow my dreams. Definitely, this program is perfect for anyone with a passion for design and wants to turn it into a business!

Devin, Designer & Creative

Follow The Thread is an amazing fashion design program that provided the tools for my daughter to take her passion for fashion to the next level! Sandra Raffaelli and Jeanette Vanderhorst lead by example, positively influencing and developing creative thinking and execution skills in design and necessary skills in business.

Liz, Mother & Collaborator

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aZul - Fashion, Art & Design, Inc. (formerly aZul For Better Living, Inc) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides training programs in fashion design, industrial design and the arts for adults with disabilities and their families. We promote creative support services to help develop individual skills, artistic recognition, dignity and financial independence.


ph: 954.600.5330   |   email: info@azulfashionartdesign.org

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