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2019 Coors Light Líder of the Year

In August 2019, our Founder Sandra Raffaelli was selected as one of the 12 national finalists to be nominated for the 2019 Coors Light Líder of the Year based on her work and social mission brought to life in aZul. From there began a month long campaign locally and through our social media to gather votes of support. 


"Since 2006, the #CoorsLightLideres program has supported, honored, and highlighted emerging Latino leaders for their achievements, vision, and commitment to reach their goals and help others in their communities prosper – those who are always #ReadyForMore."

Through the perseverance and immense support brought from the local and global community, it was announced that Sandra was officially the 2019 Coors Light Líder of the Year after receiving the most votes. In addition to winning this honor, the winner would receive a $25,000 grant to support their choice of organization. Our greatest thanks goes out to everyone who saw Sandra's story and resonated with it to vote for this achievement and bring even more awareness for aZul's ambitious goals!

Coors Light Líderes Program

group photo of 21 people: azul supporters and 2 coors light leaders for the 2019 Coors Light Lideres celebration
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