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Sandra Raffaelli

Founder & CEO

Sandra Raffaelli, a single mother, Colombian, and creative at heart, discovered her passion for serving persons with special needs in 2010 when she got her first job working for the Chicago School District in a special education classroom. Since then, she has made the commitment to become a channel and advocator for the betterment of the lives of those with disabilities. 


Her multidisciplinary background has allowed her to strive throughout the foundation of aZul - Fashion, Art & Design, Inc. She was raised among retail stores, with 4 years of finance and international trade, a trained Behavior Technician, Certified Life Coach, Certified Inclusive Contemporary Dance Facilitator, along with other different artistic experiences that are the components that help her navigate with determination to keep empowering adults with unique abilities.


Sandra's favorite part of her job is teaching and witnessing the blooming talents of the creatives at aZul, her favorite time of the day is the sunrise, and truly enjoys her vegetables and being out in nature.


Favorite quote: "There are no mistakes, only wonderful serendipities" (a phrase used repeatedly in our classes)

Areas of expertise: Curriculum Adaptation, Special Ed Teacher, Art Therapy, and Sustainable Fashion Design Program Outlining

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