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& soft skills

Course availability dependent on partner organization

​In collaboration with other organizations, aZul presents Fabricating Smiles. A pre-employment focused course that enables Creatives to learn and practice the keys for a successful job interview, fruitful interactions and critical soft skills, while creating an artistic fabric piece. 

​All supplies included, just bring your own sketchbook to be used as your artistic journal. Join this course to explore your potential and the power of your creativity!

​If you are an organization looking to set up a program course, get in touch with us!

how it works


​Workshops (Group Setting)
Each class is composed of two components: a lecture where the coordinator runs an interactive lesson to develop soft skills, and an application part where the participant interprets the lesson into an artful creation.


An Interactive Lesson for Soft Skills

​​Coordinators present lessons where participants have the opportunity to learn professional manners, body language and icebreaker dialogues that help to foster confident interactions in social situations. ​And how to interact and navigate a professional business setting.


Art Application
Interpretive Learning Through Art

Participants apply networking theory to create and artistic piece. Mixing together pieces of fabric to represent a visual network in a patchwork style, and then proudly present their work publicly.​


At the end of 6 weeks participants can expect to have a deeper knowledge of:

  • ​How to be confident when attending different types of job interviews

  • How to use and understand nonverbal communication when interacting at any level

  • Customer service keys to build fruitful interactions

  • How to find the potential in your imagination to lay out an artistic project from beginning to end

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