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Fashion & Jewelry Designer  |  Mariah Hughes and Amanda Hughes

Logo design in pink with text reading Mariah's Creations

Mariah and her mother/Collaborator Amanda joined us for our 2018 Fall Season of Follow The Thread. Their collection was first showcased at our community open house in June 2019. Mariah and Amanda have big dreams and goals. But most of all a love for fashion design and creative spark. ​Her brand, "Mariah's Creations" features clothing pieces, accessories and jewelry designs.

A young women with a drive to succeed, Mariah found a spark for Fashion Design when she was able to experience it through a program her school offered. However, a short time after she started the program, she was told she wouldn’t be able to continue due to her disability. However, that didn't stop her.

​Since an early age, Mariah has always found interest in creative arts. Driven by her natural talent, she found videos on Youtube to teach herself different crafts, and designed jewelry selling through Sea Turtle Adventures.

At an event aZul participated in, Mariah approached us. And after discovering our training program in Fashion Design, she excitedly exclaimed, "That's what I've always wanted!"

2 women, mother and daughter smiling while holding up their business card together
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