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New ways of living, using art to empower all abilities

​We offer alternative life success programs for "CREATIVES" (apprentices, differently-abled individuals) and their "COLLABORATORS" ​(caregivers able to continue concepts in the home environment) focused in art and design. As our special requirement, Creatives and Collaborators take on the program as a team (*on a case by case basis we may give consideration to independent participation). Bring your team and enjoy eco-creative experiences!

Our programs focus on family empowerment, workforce skill development, encouraging commitment to co-responsibility, teamwork, and rehabilitation featuring various artistic techniques applied with a focus on ​re-purposing recycled materials. We encourage the use of free time, exploring the city, and ​learning to ​live better through lifelong experiences with the practice of day-to-day activities. We foster artistic abilities to promote ​self-expression. 


Along with supporting each Creative, we also offer free, professional parent counseling support to transform relationships into empowering collaborations. 


We highly encourage a sustainable and earth friendly mindset. We revive recycled objects with inexpensive supplies and practical techniques to create high quality pieces of art for display and wear.

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collaborative relationships

One of our core values is creating empowering and inclusive collaborations. Participants in our programs, guests, and our organization partnerships all have cooperative, positive interactions.

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workshops / 5 months

Our sessions are personally tailored and designed to teach techniques in group or individual settings, across all ability levels. While including the development of life skills, pre-employment and self-employment skills. 

runway / exhibition

We host many events with opportunities for participants to practice in real life settings and gain valuable experience. For each program, we connect to local galleries/stores/festivals to showcase their creations.

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​​Our programs focus on preventing depression from isolation and increasing independence, ​social inclusion, self-confidence, and self-advocacy with design, art ​and cultural diversity. Want to know more? See more details on our programs and check out some of ​Our Stories featuring the success of our Creatives and aZul!

Our Programs

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​​Our Eco-Fashion Program

​In our program, Creatives focus on Fashion Design and learn techniques to create their own upcycled garments. At the end, we help them to develop their own brand and connect them to local shops and venues to showcase their work!

​Send us an email to get notified and up to date for our future seasons!

​Pre-Employment Preparation

​In collaboration with various organizations, we host workshops to develop networking, customer service and various soft skills for participants. 

​​As a hands on learning experience, participants interpret material to create an artistic piece from fabric. At the end, all pieces are displayed at an exhibition showcase where participants attend as a networking event for real life experience.

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Interest Based

Learn more about some of our other potential programs: ​Brighten Blue (Industrial Design), ​and Self Care for Better Living (for caretakers/Collaborators)! We also tailor and provide inclusive activities for organizations and public event that are structured to your needs and we can provide for all ability levels.​​


Reach out to us by email or phone if you or your organization is interested in promoting more inclusive events.

Want to be a partner?

We love working with new organizations and individuals!

Tailor one of our programs or reach out with an idea like:

  • Collaborate and run a program

  • Host a fashion show / event

  • Display our Creatives' designs

  • Host a fundraiser / drive

  • Organize volunteer groups

  • Create awareness 

Empowering lives ​​with love and art

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aZul - Fashion, Art & Design, Inc. (formerly aZul For Better Living, Inc) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides training programs in fashion design, industrial design and the arts for adults with disabilities and their families. We promote creative support services to help develop individual skills, financial independence, dignity and artistic recognition.


ph: 954.600.5330   |   email:

2635 Old Okeechobee Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33409

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